Meet KHIO, the Cooling Headband

Our device was designed by migraine sufferers to relieve your most painful migraine symptoms.

KHIO is a hyper-cooling headband that uses specialized electronic plates to create a nearly-instant cool surface. Worn on the forhead, Prolivio provides instant relief in lieu of an ice pack.

We want to not only help those who suffer from migraines but serve as a source of information to spread awareness and educate the public on what causes these to occur, and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.



Who is it for?

KHIO is safe for users of all ages, whether you suffer from chronic migraines or need a source of cooling relief. The curvature of the headband was designed to fit nearly all heads, and the strap is adjustable for a comfortable fit.


How does it work?

The KHIO headband provides cooling relief with the touch of a button.

Cold therapy is proven to significantly reduce discomfort for migraine sufferers. The temperature of the headband is controled on the device to suite the users comfort.

Forget about melting ice, being near a refrigerator, or running water. KHIO uses simple physics to rapidly lower the temperature of any surface it touches.



Migraines affect over 1 billion people worldwide.

In America alone, 37 million people face the debilitating symptoms that make them unable to work or spend time with their loved ones.  

While medications are available for migraine sufferers, these often produce undesirable side effects and can even cause other health risks.

Prolivio offers a method of relief that doesn’t require a prescription.



Meet the Team

Prolivio was developed by a team of innovative industrial designers, engineers, and medical professionals.

Ben Zombek



Adam Baker

Industrial Designer & Business Development


Zach Buerkle

Industrial Designer


Sam Randall

Business Development Lead


Kelly Vars

Graphic Designer


Laura Whitby

UX/UI Designer


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