So we've got the concept nailed down. What's next?

Sketching, Prototyping, Testing, Refining, Repeat...

As a team of Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Professionals, and Migraine Sufferers, we want to make the best product we possibly can. Thats means testing out every option until we're completely happy.


Once we're happy with the direction a sketch is going, we start working on tangible prototypes.

We use digital and traditional techniques to create 3D visualizations of the different concepts. We believe that the most efficient way to progress through a design process is to always have physical models present at every stage. Being able to visualize, touch, wear, and handle the device at early stages prevents any surprises later in the development process.

At BZDesign, we use multiple 3D printers as part of our everyday work process. This allowed us to wear and test each rev of the headband. We perfected the size and shape to be the most ergonomical for all head sizes and shapes.



The evolution continues...

Each rev of the design progresses it closer to a perfect product. While we aren't quite at the finish line yet, we're ready to get the public involved. We're confident in our designs and testing that we'll be producing a device that is cost-effective, comfortable, easy-to-use, and most importantly: cool.


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