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Participate in the Prolivio Explorer Program

Join the Prolivio explorer program. We value your opinion and are in the process of tailoring the product to produce the best results possible. Every response helps us make that happen. Sign up with your email to participate in explorer … Continue Reading

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User Experience Testing!

Our favorite step in the process? Watching users love the cooling Prolivio delivers! We learn what’s working great, and what can be improved, by letting as many people as possible try out the prototypes. The cooling sensation is created using … Continue Reading

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Development: Form and Function

So we’ve got the concept nailed down. What’s next? Sketching, Prototyping, Testing, Refining, Repeat… As a team of Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Professionals, and Migraine Sufferers, we want to make the best product we possibly can. Thats means testing … Continue Reading

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Migraine Research and Data Collection

Data collection is extremely important to us. We knew that cooling seemed to help most people relieve the pain caused by migraines, but is that really enough information to base a product on? We wanted more. So, we teamed up … Continue Reading

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Prolivio: Where it All Began

Prolivio began with a need for relief. Our team at BZDesign, Inc. has personally seen how debilitating migraines can be to those who suffer from them. As product designers, this sparked the idea that we could develop a product to soothe … Continue Reading

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