Prolivio began with a need for relief.

Our team at BZDesign, Inc. has personally seen how debilitating migraines can be to those who suffer from them. As product designers, this sparked the idea that we could develop a product to soothe those migraine symptoms.

We talked with everyone we knew who suffered from regular migraines.

The most common feedback we got was: "I minimize the amount of light in the room, and I use an ice pack or damp cloth to cool my head."

From that feedback, we knew we could help.

Our cooling headband concept quickly rose out of the pack of ideas to the forefront of our process. We then needed to prove it would work. Working with a team of students from SUNY Geneseo, we further explored the product, developed business plans, pitched to market experts, discussed financials with investors, and most importantly, learned we had a concept fit for production. 

We then set our sights on launching a Kickstarter campaign.

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